Single-Family & Portfolio Permanent Financing

We offer 30-year amortizing mortgages for rental properties on single assets and portfolios of up to 20 properties. These loans are based on rental cash flow, and interest rates start at 3.75%.

Property Types

1-4 unit single family homes, townhouses, and condominiums

Urban or suburban location (no rural properties)

Loan Features

Loan amount from $100,000

Minimum property value of $100,000

Minimum debt service coverage ratio of 1.20

Up to 80% loan to value for purchase or refinance, 75% LTV for cash out

30-year fixed rate, 10-year interest-only hybrid ARM, 5-year and 10-year balloon options

No tax returns or underwriting debt to income

Other Details

Loans made to entities

Personal guarantee usually required

Reduced LTV options for foreign nationals

Credit score over 680, no recent foreclosures or bankruptcies

AirBnB, vacation rentals, assisted living facilities not eligible

Interior appraisal with market rents